St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s is a dynamic and inclusive community of Christians here in the South suburbs of Chicago. As faithful members of the Episcopal Church, we serve God by proclaiming the Gospel and serving others. We are well known for our deep environmental concerns and our vital ministry among hospitalized and homeless military veterans.

Our worship, centered on the Eucharist, deepens our faith and inspires us to faithful and effective action for equality, justice and peace.

We are a family-sized church that includes people of many different races, ages and life-styles.

Our informal atmosphere, our high-church tradition and our Christ-centered preaching have nurtured and deepened the faith of our congregation and our community. We worship every Sunday at 8:45 am. We use the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal 1982.

We invite you to come to Blue Island and to become a part of the family here at St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s Church. Together, we will strive to serve God and experience the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

Join us for mass this Sunday at 8:45 a.m.
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