About Us

St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. Our chief pastor is the Right Rev. Jeffery D. Lee, Bishop of Chicago. St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s has developed a model of ministry and leadership in which service is provided by lay people and clergy, paid people and volunteers—a model that reflects “the priesthood of all believers.”

Our lay leaders are our Bishop’s Committee and Warden. The congregation elects them. Our clergy are a team made up of our Vicar, the Rev. Rod Reinhart and our Deacon, the Rev. Rebecca Sperry.


Our Bishop’s Committee

The Wardens and Bishop’s Committee have ultimate authority and responsibility for the governance of the church, including the responsibility for parish property and financial affairs. In collaboration with the Vicar, the Warden and Bishop’s Committee are responsible for developing and executing policies that promote the church’s mission through worship, education, social action and service.