St. Joseph/ St. Aidan’s is a deeply caring congregation. Our pastor, Father Rod Reinhart, and our deacon, Rev. Becky Sperry, are actively involved in caring for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our members and friends. You can contact them at 708-389-0733 to seek their guidance and prayers.

Father Reinhart is also available for personal counseling, confession and prayer. If you have a serious spiritual difficulty or need, please feel free to call.

Many individuals and families today do not have a church to call their own. In times of crisis or joy, such as weddings, funerals or the birth of children, you may just need a caring and supportive church. Please feel free to call Father Reinhart at 708-528-9862 to arrange a wedding… a funeral… a baptism… or other special services you may need.

Members of the GLBT community will be glad to know that our church fully supports marriage equality. Same Sex couples are welcome to seek civil unions or marriages here at St. Joseph/ St. Aidan’s.

Our church is very concerned about US military veterans. We work closely with local VA hospitals to support our vets. Together with the Episcopal Veterans Fellowship we run an annual Survival Gear Drive at Christmas to make sure that homeless veterans have coats, hats, gloves, and other survival gear necessary to keep them alive on Chicago’s cold winter streets. Please call 708-528-9862 if you would like to help us care for our homeless veterans.