Holy Week 2014 Schedule


Dear Friends,
The great season of Lent has come upon us. Lent is a vital time in the church year, just as it is a vital time in our lives.  Lent is that long season of self-examination and repentance. Lent is that holy season of seeking God’s guidance through fasting and prayer. Lent is that wondrous season of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. Lent is that profoundly Spiritual season of preparing our souls to experience the suffering of Christ’s Crucifixion and to also find great joy in Christ’s Resurrection. Lent is the great season of the church year.
This year, let us walk through it together.

Ash Wednesday, March 5
St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Service: 7:00 p.m.

Sundays in Lent
March 9, 16, 23, 30 and April 6
St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
service: 8:45 am


Palm Sunday, April 13
Holy Eucharist and procession of the Palms
St. Joseph and St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Service: 8:45 am

Holy Thursday, April 17
Eucharist and foot washing
St. Clement’s Episcopal Church (15245 South Loomis St. Harvey, IL 60426)
Service: 7:00 pm

Good Friday, April 18
St. Joseph & St. Aidan Episcopal Church
Service: 7:00 pm

Holy Saturday and Easter Eve, April 19
The Holy Saturday service will be followed by an Easter reception and celebration.
St. Clement’s Episcopal Church (15245 South Loomis St. Harvey, IL 60426)
Service: 7:00 pm

Easter Day, April 20
Eucharist and coffee hour
St. Joseph & St. Aidan Episcopal Church
Service: 9:00 am

If members and friends of our congregations wish to have a visit from the pastor for prayer or confession during lent, please call Fr. Reinhart at 708-528-9862.

Lenten Fasting
Fasting is a vitally important part of Lent. Many Christians fast for one meal a day. Some of us fast from Chocolate, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, carbs, coffee, or a whole variety of other food and drink. Fasting is a great tradition from which most of us could greatly benefit. Many of us could also benefit by fasting from unkind words, arguments, laziness, disorganization, poor housekeeping, anxious complaining, reckless driving, day dreaming, excessive TV, and many other habits and behaviors. This year, let us fast in a responsible and prayerful way. Let us ask God what we should change in our lives so that we can be healthier, happier and more prayerful people. Then, by God’s grace, let us make those changes… here in the season of Lent.

This way, our Lenten Fast will have an effective and positive spiritual impact on our whole lives.

Our Lenten Discipline of prayer
Lent is an important time for prayer. All of us need to carefully and diligently devote more time to praying for ourselves, our churches, our family and friends and for the world. Here in this season of Lent, 2014, I encourage each one of us to devote at least fifteen to twenty minutes each day to prayer. You may wish to use the morning prayer service from the Prayer Book. You may wish to simply pray on your own.
But pray specifically ….for your church…. pray for Helen and church members who are sick… pray for our young people… pray for the two couples who plan to be married through St. Joseph and St. Aidan…Pray for Ms. Garbutt and her upcoming marriage…  pray for members of your family…. pray for the members who are preparing to seek Holy Orders… pray for our discernment committees…pray for our pantry staff, volunteers and clients…pray for the weather to improve… pray for our Bishop and pray for the churches in our diocese… pray for the entire Episcopal Church… pray for our president and pray for our nation… pray that God’s blessings, healing, and grace will fill your life… and pray for your pastor. This Lent, if we all take on a careful discipline of prayer, God will do great things in our church and in our lives.

Fr. Reinhart on the Radio
Please keep listening to Fr. Reinhart’s radio program, every Thursday morning, at 12:45am. He is on WBGX, AM 1570.

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